Rustle Sound Catnip Chew Cat Toy

R 138.00


Keep your cats active, entertained, and content with our Rustle Sound Catnip Chew Cat Toy! From playtime fun to simple pet cuddles, your cats will never want to let go, get the Rustle Sound Catnip Chew Cat Toy today and show your kitty some love!

This cute plush toy is designed with your cats' comfort in mind. Its comfy thumb-shaped design provides cat-friendly cushioning, while its crinkly materials help keep them occupied.

The vegan catnip filling will have them running to it with delight as they snuggle up to its cozy exterior. Your cats will nibble at the toy for a satisfying chewing experience that promotes healthy teeth. With a durable construction of soft plush materials, this chewable toy can withstand all those claw-filled snuggles!

Available in Pink, Grey, Red, Orange, Black or Random Colour

Package Included: 
1 Piece Toy