Dog Life Vest Swimming Harness



Stay safe and have fun in the water with this dog life vest swimming harness. Keep your furry friend safe while enjoying water activities. Don't let Fido sink like a stone, get them this vest for endless water play!  It provides buoyancy and support, giving you peace of mind during water activities.

Available in Grey, Rose, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

Perfect Fit: With sizes ranging from XS to XXL, finding the right fit for your pet is easy. Measure their neck, chest, and back length to ensure maximum comfort and safety.


  • XS: Neck: 25-32cm, Chest: 35-45cm, Back Length: 20cm
  • S: Neck: 28-36cm, Chest: 40-50cm, Back Length: 25cm
  • M: Neck: 32-42cm, Chest: 47-57cm, Back Length: 30cm
  • L: Neck: 42-52cm, Chest: 58-68cm, Back Length: 35cm
  • XL: Neck: 50-60cm, Chest: 66-76cm, Back Length: 40cm
  • XXL: Neck: 56-66cm, Chest: 75-85cm, Back Length: 45cm