Non Slip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat



Keep your home tidy and free of litter, with our Non Slip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat. Truly, one product fits all with this must-have cat accessory item!

This EVA double layer mat traps down all excess cat litter and keeps it trapped until you're ready to clean it up.

The hard EVA material guarantees durability and waterproof effectiveness while the back is made of non-slip materials to secure it from moving around or shifting. With its flexibility, you can easily bend the edges of the mat to create walls around the litter box for an even more clean space.

Plus, the Non Slip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat has been created with environmental-friendly materials that are chemical-free and complete safe for your pet. 

Two types available: Foldable and Non-Foldable

Size  Dimensions Non / Foldable
Small  40cm x 50cm Non-Foldable
Large 46cm x 60cm Foldable
X-Large 55cm x 70cm Foldable