Waterproof & Non Slip Dog Boots



Introducing the Waterproof & Non Slip Dog Boots!

The design is perfect for dogs who don't like wearing shoes. The bottom of the beef tendon is durable, wearable, soft, and comfortable, making it perfect for travel.

The waterproof material with non-slip soles allows your dog to get better control and protect their paws from cold weather and objects.

Made of high quality and environmentally friendly suede fabric, the Waterproof & Non Slip Dog Boots is the perfect way to keep your furry friend warm in winter.

Available in Blue, Yellow, Red, Black

 Size Length Wdth
Small (1) 4.5cm 3.5cm
Medium (2) 5cm 4cm
Large (3) 5.5cm 4.3cm
X-Large (4) 5.8cm 4.5cm
3X-Large (5) 6.5cm 5cm

Package Includes:
4 x Pet Shoes