Soft Winter Cable Knit Sweater



Keep your pet warm and stylish this winter with our Soft Winter Cable Knit Sweater!

Quality knitting has been used to craft this vintage-style sweater that gives your pet the utmost comfort and coziness. Its breathable fabric ensures there's plenty of room for movement as well as air circulation around the body so they won't feel smothered while wearing it.

The traditional plait craftsmanship is intricate and beautiful, keeping our Soft Winter Cable Knit Sweater looking ever fashionable even after years of wear and tear. This piece is light in weight, making it easier for your pets to carry around without feeling too weighed down.

So grab this Soft Winter Cable Knit Sweater to give them a classic look no matter what season!

Available in Grey, White, Pink, Red, Blue, Dark Pink, Beige, Black